A few words from grateful slaves that have enjoyed my company.

Slave M.

I had the wonderful privilege of serving Miss H for the first time a few weeks ago. I had wanted to approach her for a while, and when I saw an opportunity via her Twitter profile due to a cancellation, I contacted her immediately; Miss H was courteous and prompt in her responses, and very understanding and welcoming.

Once the arrangements and deposits were made, I prepared myself and travelled to the location of the appointment. When it was time, Miss H let me into the venue, collected the balance of the fee, informed me how she wanted me to present myself and showed me to the bathroom to get changed.

Once I had readied myself, I went back into the main area; Miss H called me over and she told me about her day and some of the things she had planned for me and some of the things she could do to me. She asked me a few things, informing me that of course her opinion and desires trumped mine, but she wanted to know my opinion anyway.

Miss H carries herself with a lot of grace and precision. She led me around the dungeon well; when using me as furniture she knew how to position herself and how to shift her weight to cause me discomfort without dropping her; and, she knew just how hard to press when using her nails and heels across my skin. Her caning was very precise and the strokes firm and stinging.

After taking my caning, Miss H allowed me to be her ashtray, after having to beg for the privilege. I had to consume her smoke, ash and the filter, as well as having my chest hair singed with the threat of having the cigarette extinguished on my skin. I felt quite vulnerable with her sat on my chest, using my mouth as her ashtray, but the view of her stockings comforted me.

As a reward for my behaviour, I was allowed to worship her shoes and stockings, and enjoy the sensations of her dress and robe. As the session ended, we talked some more whilst I was allowed to rest against her stockinged thigh…I was then dismissed to get each of us a glass of water, then I got changed and left.

It was an honour and a pleasure to serve Miss H, and I’m eagerly awaiting for the opportunity to serve her again.

Slave E.
When I first met Miss H (at a femdom event) I was immediately struck by her aura of control and it was plain that this was a domme who possessed intelligence and creativity as well as beauty. As such I felt compelled to try to please her.
It wasn’t long before our first session (although the intervening time seemed like an eternity) and I found myself kneeling before her with a mixture of fear and excitement. I soon found out that Miss H really enjoys using her cane. I’m not someone with a high pain threshold but after a mixture of coercion and insults from her I gladly took the punishment that she meted out.
On the subject of coercion she definitely enjoys the psychological side of domination and I’ve found that this helps to send me into subspace. I also found myself doing some things I had never done before including being used as an ashtray but Miss H made everything feel natural and perfectly normal.
By the end of our time together I had given her the keys to my chastity device. That was nearly a month ago and I am now unable to refuse her anything – but why would I want to?



Slave Desire

Last night I was lucky enough to spend some time with the wonderfully dominant Miss H. Miss H managed to get exactly the right balance between strict n sadistic and sensual domination that totally spun my mind and put me into her full control. There’s no doubt that I would have carried out any of her commands without giving them one seconds thought. I’ve never felt more submissive then the time I spent under her command.

Her stunning natural beauty combined with her impeccable choice of clothes would be enough to make any man fall to his knees. And I certainly spent a lot of the time on mine!

I genuinely feel honoured to have been able to submit to the woman and can’t want to be under her command again!!

Thank you Miss H!


Slave N.

Serving Miss H is a wonderful experience and thoroughly enjoyable. Very well worth serving Miss H, as I do and am now addicted to serving!

It’s best to be honest about your requests and abilities from the start, enclosing as much detail as possible. This would ensure that you would be looked after and have an enjoyable safe session together. Then perhaps like me you can’t wait for the next play!


Serviceboy Thomas

Dedicated to Miss H the loved one!
She comes lika a wind,
She sweap you away as fast that you have no way to hide
She is the fire she will warm you up, you will feel the heat
You could be burned, by her eyes..
But you will freeze to ice when she take a good look into your eyes,
You cant restit you have to lower your eyes, bown down,
And still,
She has not even spooken to you…
You can feel her beeing so close to you, that your body is shaken
You are scared, do not know what to do
your mind and body seems not to cooperate anymoore
Then she say ”hello”
Its like sweet music to you
Her voice is clear and smooth like silk
Now you are confused
You could feel her again true her voice,
You love it
Gently she takes you to a place you always likes to return to after this
And you will always know that your only way to come to that place again is tru Her
Her kind words is amazing it makes you calm and secure and you only want to be there
To listen to her voice and words,
Her beauty is owervelming her long legs suits good in the high heel she stand on,
You long to be allowed to tuch her, at least to be allowed to tuch someting from her,
But you cant thats the part, you will adore her worship her but she will never be yours,
But you will alwyas be Hers! in min and in heart!
The lovely smile and her pretty face looking at you when you sitting on you knee
She is your sun, she makes the day for you,
You want to do everything for her just to get a glimps of her attention,
Your every sense is sharpen looking for every sign from Her, and you redy to do
Noting count anymore, just Her and her wish and needs,
And deep inside you every part of your brain is working to try to please her as you think and know she wish
You want her to tuch you, but without any fysical contact she has tuch every inch of you in and out..
She will know moore about you than you ever known yourself,
And even your darkes desires and memories will be hers, it will belongs to her
And she will keep it and use it as she wants..
A thrill for you, even if its exitce you for now
She is your now drug, you cant live without and you need it to whatever price it will cost
There is no need for any ropes or chains, you will blindly follow her day and night
But faster than you can understand she are gone
You have to stay in shape and ready
Its not just that she always will be in charge,
She is the wind…
Sweeps you away over and over again
Only interesting people can makes her stay, for a while…