About Miss H.

I am Miss H, a young dominant woman with a twisted sense of humour. I enjoy treating my submissives as playthings to amuse myself with by using any means necessary. Although I do have my own kinks and fetishes, I often describe myself as a control freak and as such my interests circulate around gaining and exercising that control in a variety of creative ways. I am drawn to whatever gives me the most power over you and I will find this out quickly.

My looks are of a classic beauty with long brunette hair and golden-era Hollywood features. Though I am of elegant appearance, my physical strength allows me to administer punishment with a surprising force. I am well-spoken and my cruelty is often interjected with tenderness and soft words for my own amusement. I’m a master of mindfucks and enjoy inflicting creative and unusual punishment humiliating for a unique experience.

I receive a lot of messages from slaves asking to play with me. Here’s a few things you need to understand before contacting me. Read and follow this and, congratulations, you’ve met the minimum requirement for applying to serve me.

I am here as a professional only, I am not looking for personal relationships or live-in slaves. If you wish to contact me for a session, do so via the Contact page. The sessions I provide need to be compensated, if you don’t understand this, don’t bother trying your luck. If you want to attend an event, have dinner or go shopping with me, this must be compensated. Please view the Serve and Tribute pages for more information.

I do not engage in sexual contact during sessions. No need for an explanation here, I just don’t do that. There is a list of activities on the Serve page that I enjoy, if your interest or fetish is not listed please specify this when contacting me.

The easiest, quickest and laziest way for you to stand out is to send me a cash gift via My page on Pervout.com. This doesn’t entitle you to any of my time but I receive hundreds of messages a month, the one with a gift attached is a little easier to read.

If you have any questions, visit the FAQ page.

Miss H.